How to manage ₦1000 in 30 days

How to manage ₦1000 in 30 days: One of the greatest habit to develop is that one of saving your hard earned money to save you from unfair stress, lack, anxiety, and even confidence.

If you can be able to manage ₦1000 in 30 days in Nigeria then, I assure you, you can be a millionaire in less years as initially thought.

This may sound wired to some people. But let me tell you that money brings self-confidence. Also when you don’t have up to the amount you wish to complete your daily task as a man especially, you feel inferior to your fellow man, right? Yes, that’s the upright truth.

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Many people makes a lot of money but find hard to invest or even saving for the fear of the unknown.

In this article, I will teach you how to spend ₦1000 here in Niger for complete one month without disturbing your parents or relatives.

Okay, let’s dive in.

Firstly, you have to know where you are currently residing. Whether you are in a town where food items are costly or not will determine how well you can manage  ₦1000 30 days.

Mostly, people in rural areas have a higher chance of succeeding with one thousand Naira in a whole month than there counterparts in the town or City.

However, this all boils down to how you want to leave your life. A lot of people will prefer not to ask for money from their parents, friends, and relatives. This set of people are likely to make this experiment happen.

So, if you are not the type that is ashamed of asking for money then, find a different article on the internet and read.

You can survive on ₦1000 in 30 days when you are been given food for free, free accommodations and you have been helped handle some the life challenges just like when you where a kid.

By using some simple arithmetics.

Let’s say ₦1000/4 = ₦250

We have 4 weeks in a month that means you will be spending ₦250 every week.

To this end, it means you will have to cut some expenses, self gratification

When you have the chance of eating enough at home eat well so that when you go out you won’t be tempted to eat with the little ₦250 before week runs out.

In fact, you have to Stop eating outside your house, stop going to places that will temp you to spend above your budget.

The world economy generally is not friendly to most people I don’t want to say everyone because some are making big despite the economy hardship.

Spending ₦1000 in 30 days is one of the toughest things to do right in this economy. Yet, many are making less than this in a month in this Nigeria. What you really need is the skill that will generate more earnings for you at the end of the day, week or month and not to learn How to manage ₦1000 naira in 30 days.

We have a lot of skills these days, especially online because the greater percent of the richest people in the world are ICT personal.

Find one skill and master it. This won’t look easy at first but as time goes on you will become friendly with your new skill and make cool cash. In my next post, I will be teaching you how to make some Cash working online from the comfort of your house.

2 Ways how to manage ₦1000 in 30 days

1. Make a weekly “money date.” Commit to sitting down with your money once a week for a money date. During this time, update your budget, review your accounts and track your progress against your financial goals. Like any relationship, if you want your financial life to improve, you must spend time with your money.

2. Plan out your meals for the week. Taking a few hours every weekend to grocery shop and meal plan for the week will save you money, as dining out is the No. 1 expense for most households. By eating at home, you save money that would otherwise be spent on tax and tip—and you usually save calories, too.

Let’s me know if you want more counseling on how to manage ₦1000 in 30 days and other life challenges in the comment section below.

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