2023 Science Foundation Ireland Supplemental Grants for Displaced Ukraine Researchers, Ireland

2023 Science Foundation Ireland Supplemental Grants for Displaced Ukraine Researchers, Ireland: Hurray! The Supplemental Grants for Displaced Ukrainian Researchers in Ireland have now been provided by Science Foundation Ireland. The application period for the academic year 2022–2023 is now open.

2023 Science Foundation Ireland Supplemental Grants for Displaced Ukraine Researchers, Ireland

SFI intends to assist Ukrainian STEM researchers who have fled their country because of the Russian invasion. SFI will provide postgraduate students with annual stipends of €18,500 and a €5,500 fee payment.

About Science Foundation Ireland

The national foundation for funding scientific and technical research in Ireland is called Science Foundation Ireland (SFI). Science Foundation Ireland, a legislative entity having jurisdiction over funding-oriented fundamental and applied research in Ireland, was established in 2003.

SFI offers grants to scientists and engineers working in the scientific and technical disciplines that support biotechnology, information and communications technology, sustainable energy, and energy-efficient technologies. SFI fosters collaborative initiatives between academia, government, and business that support its areas of specialization and advertise Ireland’s succeeding successes abroad.

Admissible Criteria:

Applications are welcomed from principal investigators on active SFI grants across all schemes with the exception of Research Infrastructures Awards, SFI Discover Awards, and SFI Industry RD&I Fellowship Awards.

Applicable Courses:

A research degree in STEM.

Application Perks:

Eligible costs in this scheme include:

  • These supplemental grants will be provided for a maximum period of 1 year and a minimum of 3 months.
  • Salary-related costs for research staff.
  • Materials and consumable costs up to a maximum of €2,000.
  • A contribution of €2,000 towards the purchase of a computer.
  • SFI will contribute to the indirect costs of the research through an overhead payment of 30% of Total Direct Costs (excludes student fees and equipment costs).
  • Grants will have a duration of up to 12 months. The duration of the supplemental grant cannot exceed the expiration date of the host grant.
  • Salary Costs: – The total funding per grant will largely be determined by one of the three appropriate salary scales listed below. Eligible costs include gross salary, an Employer’s PRSI contribution at 11.05% of gross salary, and pension provision up to 20% of gross salary. The level of employer contribution should follow SFI’s Grant Budget Policy.
  • SFI will fund postgraduate student stipends at a flat rate of €18,500 per annum contribution of €5,500 towards fees.

Method of Applying

Interested PIs should email with their name and the proposal ID of their existing SFI project with which the Supplemental Grant for Displaced Researchers from Ukraine will align.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must have required submitting a permission letter from the Department of Justice in Ireland confirming Temporary Protection has been granted under the EU Directive.

  • A Letter of Support from the hosting HEI
  • Indicating that the space and infrastructure to carry out the proposed research are available and,
  • Endorsing the salary scale of the Researcher
  • If appropriate, a CV outlining the incoming researcher’s experience and background, including a short list of publications. The Researcher’s CV is in English, and while a narrative CV is preferable, it is not essential.


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